Reference Sires/Dams

Some of the cattle we have owned that were influential in our breeding program...



His Bloodlines Include: Sire Side: River Hill HU 5L who goes back to Codiak Pistol RKW 02J on the top and Codiak Prairie Fire RKW 05J on the bottom. Dam Side: Codiak Kibitz RKW 12K who goes back on the top to Prairie Hill After Shock 75G and Polar 1Z on the bottom.

We sold 1/2 shares of this great bull to Gary & Nancy Kiziak (Codiak Acres) in 2012, they had some outstanding cattle from his progeny including his son, Codiak Layne GNK 56A, our herdsire.

 Ty's last calf crop was in 2013. In 2015, we were able to buy a son of his from the Summit 3 Sale. We also have one registered female "This Lil Sweety Matters 5Z". 







BW 70 lbs   93.8%   Speckled  BD Aug 1, 2011

"Nick" was a very nice bull with great length, depth, awesome top line and a good loin. He goes back to PAR Jagr 68J, Calamasue 10R on his paternal side, PAR New Design 93D and Spots N Sprouts genetics on his maternal side.  His dam was a show cow that had a successful show career.  His sire was a very impressive bull out of the legendary P.A.R Touchdown 600T. 

Nick thru beautiful thick bodied, but trim front line calves, they are show stoppers!




PAR Touchdown 600T- Nick's grandfather at Agribition 2008


Sire: Codiak Sprint GNK 17X (son of Codiak Trump)
Dam: Calamasue 31R
Speckled    BD: Feb 9/13   BW: 80lbs    Reg# 4695-PT    93.8%    ET
Jack's sire is a son of Codiak Trump GNK 20T and A&W 013U. His dam is a daughter of River Hill Night Hawk 12N and Calamasue 81N; she has been used as a donor cow. 
"Jack" had outstanding charisma, depth and thickness, with great lines all around.
He was genomic tested for Leptin (CT), PMCH (AA), and IGF2 (CC) homozygous for PMCH & IGF2 and heterozygous for Leptin.

 River Hill Urban Cowboy 3U

Son of Notta Showoff 64S 

Dam is River Hill Red Neck Girl 5R 

BW 84lbs    100%      Speckled   BD Mar 23/09


 River Hill Red Neck Girl 5R-(photo left) Urban Cowboy's dam.

Notta Showoff 64S  (Urban Cowboy's sire) was the sire of Grand Champion Carcass at the Calgary Stampede Carcass Competition 2010.  He is a full brother to Notta Romeo 64R, who won Grand Champion Bull in 2007 at the Lloydminster Stockade and Canadian Western Agribition.


We also had Uneeda Walter 21W and have progeny off of him.  He is sired by PAR Papa Razzi 6P and his dam was Prairie Hill Millie 21M, the great matriarch dam.  He has thrown some very impressive progeny including the SECOND HIGHEST SELLING SPECKLE PARK BULL IN THE WORLD- Uneeda Zapper 13Z who won Grand Champion Bull at Canadian Western Agribition 2013, and Reserve Grand Champion Senior Bull at Agribition in 2014!

We retained a few of his daughters, both registered and commercial, in our herd.




Upto Specs Miss Emma 19J

Her bloodlines include: Emma's Pedigree


Emma was part of the CSPA herd for many years and was our very first registered Speckle Park!  We have two of her daughters in our herd to carry her great traits onward.

Wildwood Kara 4K

Her bloodlines include:Kara Pedigree

Wildwood Kara 4K has been used in the donor program for Australia and Ireland.  She has some amazing progeny in Canada and other countries. Kara had a beautiful heifer calf off Codiak Trump in 2014, her last calf "Matters Ballerina 26B". 

Jane of P.A.R 12J

Her bloodlines include:  Jane's Pedigree

Jane has a number of females and bulls that are in breeding programs in Canada, we have retained some of her females in our herd too.


Kodiak Klipso RKW 31K

Her Bloodlines include:  Klipso's Pedigree

 Codiak Klipso has been DNA'd for Australia and flushed.  She has six top notch (high selling) registered calves in Canada.  She has two beautiful speckled heifers named Matters Bluebell and Ter-Mel Katelyn 31D that we had kept.

 Spots'N Sprouts 2T

Her bloodlines include:  2T Pedigree

2T has had six registered calves so far.  See "Juliet" and "Black Lace Matters"  .  Her bull, "Matters Zachary" is a very nice herdsire working in central AB. 2T was sold to Lehr Ranching. 

D.L.R. Lacy 10R

Her Bloodlines Include: Lacy's Pedigree

BD: Apr 3, 2005  100%  Speckled

Lacy was shown extensively as a heifer calf, bred heifer and as a cow/calf pair at FarmFair and Western Agribition, placing well in her classes. 

Lacy has been been kept in our herd to hopefully use in our donor program in 2018.

Matters Fancy NRG 17A

Fancy's Pedigree

Fancy has been sold to INC Cattle Company and lives in Sask. now. She was Sharon's first Speckle Park home raised calf and had a special spot in her heart.


All of these animals had a special place in our hearts and added positively to our genetics of our herd. It was a sad, quiet day when we have to part with any of them.



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