BlueBerry's Pedigree


Reserve Grand Champion Junior Female Lloydminster Stockade Roundup 2015.

  This heifer went to lots of 4-H and Junior Shows in 2015 and 2016 with Tell Calvert and did well against all breeds. She held her own and demonstrated the great attributes of Speckle Park!

Ya Rite Ranch Gold Matters 71Z

Her Bloodlines include: Goldy's Pedigree


This is a very well put together cow with a long life of great calves ahead of her.  She went to Sundown Transplants to be flushed spring 2016 and gave us 5 embryos to freeze mated with Codiak Crikey. All of her embryos have since been sold.

Spots'N Sprouts Juliet 2Y

Her bloodlines include:    Juliet's Pedigree


A very nice FEMALE off of Spots 'N Sprouts Utopia104U, a son of Hwy4 Speckle Park 20K. 

This Lil Sweety Matters 5Z

Her bloodlines include:    Sweety's Pedigree

This is our only PB heifer off of Clear View TY 205R- he was known for producing great carcass traits.  

 Ya Rite Ranch Geo 68Z

Her Bloodlines include:    Notch's Pedigree

"Notch" as we call her is the dam of our first show heifer.  Her daughter, Matters Blue Berry 21B won Reserve Grand Champion Junior Female at the Lloydminster Stockade Roundup 2015! 

 White Lilac Matters 12A

Lilac's Pedigree

Ponderosa Becky 28B

Sired by Heartridge Aries 01W and out of Moovin Zpotz Uptown Girl 15U*

Tumbleweed Acres Poppy 17Y 

Her Bloodlines include:    Poppy's Pedigree


Bonus NRG 27B- reg# 4763-PB

Sire: River Hill 64S Urban Cowboy 3U

Dam: Tumbleweed Acres Poppy 17Y

The Jewel Matters 1A

Jewel's Pedigree


Blessing's Pedigree


Black Lace Matters 20B reg #4836-AP

Sire: River Hill 64S Urban Cowboy 3U

Dam: Spots 'N Sprouts 2T


Matters BlueBell 25B reg #4833-PB

Sire: Codiak Trump GNK 20T

Dam: Codiak Klipso RKW 31K

Matters Ballerina 26B reg #4834-PB

Sire: Codiak Trump GNK 20T

Dam: Wildwood Kara 4K

MOOVIN ZPOTZ BAILEY 88B- reg# 4812-PT( white with black points)

Luna Super Moon THC 1B- Reg# 5419-PB

*Matters Classic Choice 35C- reg# 5297-PT
*UnlimtedSpots Clover 11C- reg# 5311-PB
*UnlimitedSpots Chloe 02C- reg# 5315-PB

Landry of P.A.R 5L  reg#1418 F

Landry is a great old cow.  She is the dam of Uneeda Wonderbar,a bull well known and used extensively in Uneeda Farms Program.

SADLY we lost Landry this spring but she has progeny here still.

2017 New Females

*Spots N' Sprouts 7S- reg# 2457-PB
D.L.R LACY 10R- reg# 2054-PB
*Spot R None Duchess 9C- reg# 5433-PB we lost her due to lightning strike this summer
*Double D Matters 37D- reg# 6567-PB
*Matters Dark Ducky 59D- reg# 6344-PT
*Spots N' Sprouts Dolly 8D- reg# 6748-PB
*Diamond K Ranch Divine Design 21D- reg# 6725-PB
*Darkness Matters 41D- reg# 6572-PT
*Matters Dancer 7D- reg # 6676-PB
*INC WILLOW 37D- reg# 6939-PB
*Matters Darling 38D- reg# 6566-PT
*Derby Girl Matters 33D- reg# 6571-PT
*Destiny Matters 29D- reg# 6418-PT
*INC CASEY 43D-reg# 6937-PB

We have chosen our herd name as MATTERS,all of our registered Speckle Park animals will have this in their name. 

Afterall...Speckle PARK Matters!