Cows Cows 1/2 Speckle Park 1/2 Red Angus Commercial Speckle Park 120228960 7/8 Speckle Park 1/8 Black Angus 120228961 1/2 Speckle Park 1/8 Red Angus 1/8 Simmental 120228962 3/4 Speckle Park 1/4 Hereford SP with Hereford usually produces a white face 121715710 Emma Our registered Speckle Park cow. Emma has some very old, not often seen anymore bloodlines. Check out our Purebred Females Page for more info on her. 121720604 Commercial Speckle Park heifer This is the Speckled pattern. 121720606 Commercial Speckle Park cow This is the leopard pattern. 121720608 Speckle Park cows Speckled pattern 121720613 Commercial Speckle Park heifer White with black points pattern 121720614 Emma registered Speckle Park cow 121720616 Emma with her young black bull calf Bull calf is CSP Bale Buster. 121720617 1/2 Speckle Park 1/2 Red Angus 121720618 Commercial Speckle Park Heifer White with black points pattern. 121720619 Commercial Speckle Park Showing browning effect in her coat pattern due to Red Angus & Simmental influence. Her calves show the red/brown hue in coloring although they usually are the speckled pattern. 121720620 A Momma's love! 121981290 Commercial Speckle Park heifer 3/4 Speckle Park and 1/4 Hereford. Speckle Park make a great crossout on British breeds. 121981291 Commercial Speckle Park 121981293 Cows relaxing in the shade on a spring day! 126244043 Cows and calves out on pasture 126244044 Registered Speckle Park black pattern 186863749 Registered Speckle Park 186863750 Commercial Speckle Park cows 150393964 Registered Speckle Park 186863751 Commercial Speckle Park cows 150393965 Commercial Speckle Park cow 150393966 197265054 197265055 197265056 197265057 197265058 197264897 197264898 197264906 197265060 197265061