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Update on Our Operations

Posted by Debbie Matters on November 27, 2017 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)
Good Day Everyone! We want to welcome you to our Transition Year of our Operation-2018! It was a hard decision for me but it's time for me to turn the operation of our ranch over to my kids! We want to let everyone know we are NOT out of business, and we are not selling off our herd yet. Sharon and Bradley are considering various options on what to do with their new business, they will take this next year to really examine the future of the cattle industry, the status of our own family farm and managing it, and personal family considerations. They will then decide their future endeavors in the breed. My heart tells them to continue, but I know as a parent I have to let them make their own path in life. Managing a purebred cattle operation is not easy and it does require a major commitment of blood, sweat and tears as well as financial burden. Also, you often don't have much life on the side, I will be happy with whatever the kids decide to do! I want to THANK all of my past customers and sincerely say I have enjoyed getting to know all the new people in the breed and promoting the breed. I see a strong path ahead for the breed and encourage everyone to work as a team for the betterment of the industry. Thank you to all the people who purchased our commercial cattle over the years as well, without you guys supporting us it would have been tough to gain ground in the registered world too. I am thrilled to have met so many nice people who have become friends along the way! On another note, we have some beautiful heifer calves to sell this fall/winter- 7 heifers left! If you are looking for a show prospect or a great female to add to your cow herd, come take a look at these gals. Most of them are off Layne but we do have a few off our Champion bull and off a Codiak bull we purchased last winter. We also have 4 OUTSTANDING BULL CALF PROSPECTS For Sale as well. These are the BEST CALVES we have raised this year and maybe the best ever! For more info just email, text or call us!

Changes Always Occur, a person just gotta go with the flow!

Posted by Debbie Matters on November 21, 2017 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)
Hello Friends & Speckle Park enthusiasts! Its been awhile since I wrote in this blog. Lots has happened with our farming operation since then. First off, we decided to lease our cows for a year. We are so thankful and appreciate Michael & Karen Luciak of Spotlight Speckle Park at Glendon, AB for leasing our registered Speckle Park cows for 2017-2018. They got loaded into the trailers and made the haul to Glendon on Nov 15/17. A big thanks goes out to the fellas at the Minburn Hutterite Colony for hauling the cows there for us, we so appreciate everything they have done for us to help and support us since Ed's passing. It is refreshing to see that there are still many people out there that are willing to help out a neighbor! We will winter our calves and bulls but wont calve our herd out this year. It's time for our transition to occur. Sharon and Bradley just had a baby in June this year as well and this year they have to make the tough decisions regarding the farming business. They may decide to not continue on with the breed or continue in it but in a different fashion. They are wondering if it would be wise for them to keep their best ten cows and do flushes with these cows. Whatever they decide I wish them much success and happiness in their endeavors! It is time for me to step aside and find other passions that I have not been able to follow because of the time and physical constraints of running a cattle ranch. I am looking forward to my new life. I hope to stay in touch with all our loyal customers and our friends we have made thru the breed. This is the part of the cattle business that has been the most rewarding for me, finding the new lifelong friends! So this is not farewell, its see you later!


Posted by Debbie Matters on July 31, 2017 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi, this is the first submission to our blog. We are going thru lots of changes on the farm right now. Our small herd of cattle is slowly growing and we will have 30 registered Speckle Park females to calf out this year and another 30 commercial females bred Speckle Park to calve out as well. I am slowly transitioning out of the cattle operation over a few years and Sharon and Bradley will be taking over. They are very eager, enthusiastic young ranchers who will excel in the industry and continue the success I and my late husband, Ed found within this breed. It has been a great journey and I feel fortunate to have been able to build our herd into the quality collection we have gained. I have to thank many people in the industry including all the early breeders and all our customers over the past years who have supported us so well and helped us bridge out and get cattle out into other breeders herds.